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What you should know before you select a facility for your dog.

It is important when picking the right facility for your dog that you are able to see where the dog will be staying and that you are completely comfortable with the arrangements.  At Canine Country Club of the Lake, we welcome tours by appointment only. Please call us to book an appointment now! We are extremely proud of our facility, and want everyone to see how great it is! It is paramount that the dogs we care for are as comfortable, safe, and happy as possible.

At Canine Country Club our staff to dog ratio is 10 to 15 dogs per staff member. This means that every dog gets individual attention, and people who are familiar with their history and behavior.

At Canine County Club of the Lake ALL dogs will be supervised at ALL times.  Safety is of the utmost importance, and we take safety very seriously. Our facility has been free of incidents since we opened, and we play to keep it that way.

All dogs that come to Canine Country Club of the Lake are evaluated on their first day. During the evaluation we test the dog’s temperament, and note anything that will help us when matching the dog with other playmates. We feel it is extremely important that we know as much as possible about each dog‘s personality and temperament. Additionally, we NEVER leave dogs to play unsupervised. Our staff has been trained to read canine body language and stress signals. We believe that taking a proactive approach to play groups prevents fights and negative experiences.

We separate our dogs by size, age and temperament. This means that we will hand pick appropriate groups for each dog in order to keep the stress and arousal level low, so that they Can have fun in a safe environment.

Yes!  Because we have three separate playrooms in our facility, we can have multiple play groups running simultaneously. Dogs less than 10 pounds can play with dogs of similar size without fear of being knocked over or stepped on.  Being socialized with other dogs is just as beneficial for small dogs as it is for large ones.

At Canine Country Club of the Lake we work extremely hard to keep the noise level at a minimum. Keeping the facility quiet helps to keep all of the dogs calm, and creates a far less stressful environment. While there is no way to keep the facility silent at all times, we have set up our runs so the dogs do not face each other, which helps to keep the arousal level down.  We also keep all of the dogs active throughout the day so that by bedtime they are tired and ready to sleep.

At our facility, we strive to give every dog as much playtime as possible. Our overnight guests, and our daycare dogs are only in their runs for meals, naptime, and for overnight sleeping. Canine Country Club of the Lake strives to give each dog individual attention, and plenty of time outside of their kennel s to run, play, and interact. We want to help enrich the lives of every dog that comes through our doors.

Yes! If a dog stays, a staff member will also stay overnight. If there were every an emergency, your dog would still be taken care of, no matter what time it is. Additionally, this allows us to get the dogs out later in the evening for a final bathroom break, and earlier in the morning for breakfast.

We strive to provide the safest possible environment for every dog.  If an emergency occurs, we will contact the owner of the dog immediately. If a veterinarian is needed, we will first try to contact the vet that is listed for the dog on their application. If it is after hours we can also contact an emergency vet.

We require vaccinations for r Bordetella, DHLPP (Distemper), Rabies, and Canine Influenza.

At Canine Country Club of the Lake we use cleaners specifically designed for dogs. We clean our facility using a product that is called Kennel Kare, which is a hospital grade disinfectant, which is specifically designed for facilities that house animals. We do not believe in the use of bleach or other chemicals that can negatively impact the health of the dogs.

No, our pricing is all inclusive.  We do not charge extra for any feedings, treats or medication. We treat all of the dogs at our facility as if they are our own, and we strive to give them the best care possible.  Whether your dog eats once a day or four times a day, the price is the same.