10 Tierney Road Lake Hopatcong, NJ 07849
Phone: (973) 663-2002



Conveniently located right off Route 15 South, Canine Country Club of the Lake includes 6,500 Square feet of indoor space and 5,000 Square Feet outdoor. We welcome tours of our facility Monday – Saturday between 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM!

The happiness of your dog is our highest priority!!

Why separate dogs:

Dogs come in all different sizes, ages and temperaments with various play styles. Separating the dogs in groups most fitting to them will maximize their experience and minimize their stress. Dogs can become scared and unable to relax which can cause extreme stress. Accidents can also occur by mixing dogs of different sizes, ages and temperaments.  As a part of our goal to create a happy and healthy environment for your dog we offer several groups.

Why mandatory nap time:

It is only normal for dogs to get tired and need a break. We are a proactive facility that incorporates mandatory naps in the morning and in the afternoon. We as humans get stressed for all different reasons and dogs are the same way. When a dog is tired it can become less tolerant, and accidents can occur. Even in a situation where a dog appears to be able to “play all day”, overstimulation can occur, causing stress. We owe it to our loved one to control their environment and assist in their well-being both mental and physical. Mandatory naps allow your dog time to take a break and maximize its time in our facility.

Why limit size of groups:

At Canine Country Club of the Lake we limit our dog to handler ratio. On average we limit ourselves to 10 dogs per handler enabling us to maximize our staff supervision. Group sizes are based on several factors including play styles and energy levels.


Evaluations of your dog are not mandatory unless your dog has a history of issues with humans. We are constantly interacting with our guests and must be able to move them from their suite to the yards and playrooms.

Outdoor play area:

Our outdoor area consists of 5,000 Square Feet of play space. A 6” high privacy vinyl fence secures our outdoor play area with a gate that is locked at all times from any outside entrance. All playgroups will rotate to the outdoor area in the morning and afternoon for time to play and relieve themselves.