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A word from our happy customers!

Joann Rafalko , Gordon Wall, Morgan, Shelby, and Kaiya

We LOVE Jodi and know that when our girls are with her, they are safe and loved. Taking care of dogs is more than just a job to Jodi, it is her passion. She loves each dog as if it were her own. She takes the time to know each dog, its personality, its needs, and she also takes the time to know the owner as well. Our three dogs would get so excited and were always so happy to see Jodi.  Her knowledge of dogs and the stages of their life cycle allows her to provide a nurturing, loving, and safe environment for all dogs. Whether it be the exuberance and joy of a puppy that needs extra attention and training, or an aging senior dog that requires extra time and assistance, her patience is endless.  Her willingness to do whatever needs to be done for your dog is so reassuring and comforting.  You know that when you hand over the leash to Jodi, the dogs are safe and in good hands and are being loved.

Frankie, Nicola McDonald and Bizkit

Jodi has provided us with pet care for close to two years and the level of service provided has been above and beyond our expectations. What particularly impressed us and provided us peace of mind is her level of care for Bizkit and there have been many occasions that Jodi has demonstrated her care and commitment when we have been out of town. This past year Jodi supported us throughout hurricane Irene, flight delays and more! Jodi also paid extra attention to Bizkit throughout this time knowing his history as a Katrina rescue and even went as far to secure our house for us. Jodi has an extraordinary commitment to excellence in customer service and kept us well informed on those occasions she has gone that extra mile for us. Jodi provides a wonderful service and we are grateful to have her care for Bizkit.

Kia Walker and Tippi

My Tippi is a very bright little guy & in his younger days he was a quick learner.

Tippi & I are so grateful that we have Jodi available. Jodi has taken care of Tippi over 8 years & I have nothing but great things to say. Tippi thanks you for taken great care of him with his very spirited personality and special needs. Jodi has shown lots of energy and patience with him. She takes loving care of my dog, keeping him happy, healthy & gives him all the attention he needs. He’s always happy to spend the day, night or weekend with his Aunt Jodi. Jodi is always professional and caring in her work. I’ll always trust her with my babies (dogs).

Peace of Mind & a Happy Dog are good things! Thanks Jodi!!

Nic & Kelsey, Layla, Petey & Harley

Dog Boarding Morris County NJ

Jodi has taken excellent care of all three of our dogs for years. When we work long days we can always rely on Jodi to care for them. Recently we had to go out of town for the week. Instead of enduring the stress that comes with leaving your dog, we were able to feel comfortable with our arrangements for our loved ones. We received constant updates throughout the day from Jodi. Jodi not only walked and fed them but spent plenty of play time with them. We are always at peace knowing they are in such good hands. My pets are my family, and we never hesitate to call Jodi. Friendly, professional and reliable! We know she will treat them as well as we do!